K21 es la séptima canción en el Disco 1 y octava canción (versión instrumental) en el Disco 2 del álbum "Attack on Titan" Season 3 Original Soundtrack, escrita e interpretada por David Whitaker.

Al igual que todas las canciones pertenecientes al álbum, fue compuesta y arreglada por Hiroyuki Sawano.

La canción tiene similitudes con K2-.

Aparición destacada

Letra de la canción

Spilled guts and glory
Urban Legend, I am that story
It's the killer killers captain
MP Anti-Personnel Control
And I'm out of your control
I just do what I know
Do it Better than anyone I know
Let my body count speak for me
I see where puzzle pieces fit
And got the ear of royalty
From a royal bloodline
Strong as identity
Underground survivor
Know how to stay alive
Murder Urban Legend
Knife to the throat with no hesitation
Quick cuts and keep moving

Draw no attention while I work up front in the background
Never one to back down
Move up and keep moving
Need god-like power to be
Better than me
Better to be a better me
I'd kill for that
Elite and loyal squad
Willing to back any play I make
Spill a whole lot of blood if that's what it takes to Saves lives, take lives
Simply prioritize
Got goals to achieve now open your eyes, see past the lies

Let's play it like a blood sport
Fight for your life or die
It's your choice
Sometimes it's capture or kill
Squash the dissenting elements
Torture the enemy, just for the hell of it
Tell me to care, but I just can't
My patience for this has gone dark
After patience let the fun start
The knives and guns come out
The option for living is getting revoked
My squad will leave you broken
But may be me that slits your throat like a sheep or a goat
The course of action is merely a by-product of my focus
The closer I get
The more I'm willing to go beast-mode

Spilled guts and glory
Gory as it gets, I am that story
Can god-like power make me a better me?
I just wanna see[1]



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Compositor Hiroyuki Sawano 「澤野弘之」
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